Isee you found the "hidden link"...LOL...I couldn't make it too difficult....Well...I finally went and did it...This is my first attempt at doing "lingerie pics"...BE warned...I'm not going to be held responsible for anyone getting "burned retinas" or going "blind" for any other reason...LOL... Doing these pics really did make me feel sexy...I guess I "got into" doing them...I've been getting very postitive feedback on these pics when I first posted them in chat..A lot of the guys I chat with on a "regular" basis have been asking me..."When are you going to do Lingerie pics"...I've been telling them for nearly 6 months...I was going to..Well...Their ( and your ) patience has paid off...{;o) Please feel free to drop me a line to let me know how I'm doing...And before you leave my Home Page...Please stop and sign my Guestbook ( had to add another page and it's looking awfully bare)...And I do try to answer all email and acknowledge the time you take to make an entry into my guestbook....Thank You...and {{{Huggs and Kisses}}}

If you'all want to see my "NEW lingerie" pics...You're going to have to go back to my "main page" and find the "hidden link" to see them...LOL...( Sorry guys...I can't make it too easy for you...{:o)

Please click on thumbnails to see full size versions.
Please click your browsers "Back" button to return to this sexy gallery..Thank you

This next set of pictures are in sequence...I'll let your imaginations go with this one..LOL....I really did feel sexy while doing all these pics...And don't worry..These won't be the last ones I will do....I need to get some different colors and styles of lingerie...{:o) However, I will accept various contributions in either Fredericks or something "sexy" from any of the available lingerie sites...***wink*** In fact..I got this particular outfit from Wicked Temptations ...A lot of great and pretty things for girls of all sizes...

IHAD to do more lingerie shots...Seems a lot of you have really liked these...I again decided to send off and get this lilac/white bustier set for the task....I'm going to do more again as soon as I get an idea as to what kind of outfit I want to get...( I've got my eye on this really cute little "Wench" outfit)...So many little $$$..LOL We'll see...{{{huggs and kisses}}} Enjoy...

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