Well...Like I've promised, I've got some "new" pics that I've done while I was in Dallas...Some of the pics were taken while I was "shopping" for some "new hair"...{:o) And other pics are while I was "out and about"....Maybe some of you will recognize the place I'm at in few of them as "Dealey Plaza" where a terrible moment in American History took place so long ago....I've come to find out that Dealey Plaza and the "Sixth Floor Museum" are the most visited sites in Texas....and I was enjoying my day "out" and among all the other people visiting...

There is "Special Thanks" I'd like to give to a couple of people I met during this trip....They are Margie and Debbie...Both own wig shops where I spent some time trying on hair and bought some also....Both are wonderful people and made my trip enjoyable...

Margie's is located at 9008 Garland Rd #A... Dallas 75218... (214) 328-4127.

And, New Fashion Wigs (Debbie's) is located at 3701 W. Northwest Hwy #175... Dallas 75220... (214) 522-3611

Both ladies are VERY friendly to us girls, and if you are up in their area please feel free to stop in and see what they can do for you....Tell them Kendra from Austin told you about them....Please feel free to drop me a line to let me know how I'm doing...And before you leave my Home Page...Please stop and sign my Guestbook...Thank You...

If you'all want to see my NEW "lingerie" pics...You're going to have to go back to my "main page" and find the "hidden link" to see them...LOL...( Sorry guys...I can't make it too easy for you...{:o)

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