Hi Guys....If you all have been coming here since I've started building this page....You'll know that this is the third "update" for 2002...I'm lucky if I can do this 3 times a year...But I always come through for my fans...I do appreciate each and everyone of you all...Thank you VERY much....This is a bit of a "packed" page this time as you may see....But I didn't seem to get all the outfits done that I wanted to during this last vacation....But fear not...I'm looking to try and get some more pics done and add another gallery along with this one for this update....And for those of you who are asking....YES!! There will be more lingerie pics....I'm patiently waiting for an order to come in as I complete this part of the update...So ( time permitting ) I'll see about "quenching" your appetite for some "sexy" pics...{:o)...And as always Please feel free to drop me a line to let me know how I'm doing...And before you leave my Home Page...Please stop and sign my Guestbook....(And I do try to answer all email and acknowledge the time you take out of your busy day to make an entry into my guestbook)....Thank You...and {{{Huggs and Kisses}}}

If you'all want to see my NEW "lingerie" pics...You're going to have to go back to my "main page" and find the "hidden link" to see them...LOL...( Sorry guys...I can't make it too easy for you...{:o)

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